Sunday, 1 September 2013

Crochet iPhone Pouch

This is a cute crochet pattern for an iPhone pouch with a neck strap. The pattern below makes an iPhone 4 sized pouch, but it can be easily modified to suit any sized mobile phone (cellphone).

iPhone pouch.
I decided to make this little pouch because I like to listen to podcasts as I move around the house, and I always get frustrated at not having pockets in my house clothes to carry my phone in! So I made this little pouch to hang around my neck, making sure to leave a gap at the top to easily access the earphone plug.

Pouch from the front
This bag would also be ideal for going for walks, or any other situation in which you need to carry your phone without having pockets.


  • Size 2.5mm crochet hook
  • Half a 50g ball of 4 ply crochet cotton (I used Clever Country)
  • Tapestry needle for weaving in ends
  • Button
  • Needle and thread for sewing on button

Ch 16 to make foundation chain (or enough so that chain is the length of the bottom edge of the phone).

Round 1: Skip first ch, sc in next 14 sts, 3 sc in last st. Working on other side of foundation chain, sc in next 14 sts, 3 sc in final st, sl st into first sc to join. (34 sc). Do not turn this or any round.

Round 2: Ch 1, sc in each sc around, join with sl st into first sc.

Rounds 3-8: Repeat Round 2 six times (or enough so that work comes up to one quarter of height of phone).

Round 9: Ch 3 (counts as first dc here and throughout), ch 1, skip first 2 sc, [dc in next sc, ch 1, skip next sc] repeat around, join with sl st into top of first dc.

Round 10: Ch 1, sc in each dc and ch-1 space around, sl st into first dc to join.

Rounds 11-16: Repeat Round 2 six times (or as many times as you repeated for Rows 3-8 above).

Repeat Rounds 3-16 twice more.

Repeat Round 2 six more times (or as many times as you repeated for Rows 3-8 above). Fasten off.

Find centre 4 sts of back of bag. Join yarn to furthest right st (or furthest left st if you crochet left-handed), leaving 1.5m tail.

Row 1: sc in each of the 4 sts, turn.

Row 2: ch 1, sc in each SC, turn.

Rows 3-8: Repeat Row 2 six times, or until desired length.

Row 9 (buttonhole): ch 1, sc 2, ch 4, sc 2, turn.

Row 10: ch 1, sc in each sc and ch-1 space. Fasten off.

Taking 1.5m tail from before, weave back 2 sts along rim of bag. Starting there, work sc evenly along border of tab, working 3 sc in each convex corner of tab (either side of buttonhole), continue until symmetrical (2 sts after base of tab), fasten off.

Pouch and cord
Work a 3-sc i-cord for length required, keeping in mind that it will stretch when weighted. Join to sides of top rim of pouch.

Some day I might write instructions for making an i-cord - in the meantime, see the instructions at Planet June, which include handy videos too!

Weave ends in. Sew button onto centre of top band on front of bag.


  1. Thank you so much for this pattern! I made one for my mother and she just loves it. I used KnitPicks Shine Sport yarn to make it, which gives is a sheen and a soft touch. Thanks again!

  2. Very neat phone bag I am making one now thanks

  3. Thank you, it's a beautiful pattern, I'm making one right now to wear

  4. Great pattern thank you made one for a friend. Make one for my self.