Monday, 26 November 2012

Coffee Pod Christmas Ornaments

Recently I submitted a craft idea to one of my favourite Australian websites - the Stay At Home Mum (SAHM) website, and this morning they published it!!

It's about how to make Christmas ornaments for your tree from used Nespresso pods - which we have heaps of due to hubby's coffee addiction ;)  

Here are the the instructions I wrote up for them :)

  • used Nespresso pods
  • ribbon (about 30cm per ornament, plus embellishments)
  • drinking straw
  • stanley knife
  • scissors

Take two used nespresso pods, and using a stanley knife or other sharp object, carefully slice around the foil bottom and remove it.  Scrape out the used grounds (these go great in your worm farm if you have one!).  Wash the pod out and allow to dry.
Using your stanley knife, make a small slit in the top of each pod big enough to poke the ribbon through. 
Cut two lengths of drinking straw - one 1cm length and one 2cm length.  The 1cm length will be inside the bottom pod, and the 2cm length will be the spacer between the pods. 
Cut a length of ribbon about 30cm long, and thread the 1cm length of straw onto it.  Hold the two ends of ribbon together, and poke them up together through the bottom of the lower pod.  Pull gently until tight.  Next thread both ends through the 2cm length of straw, and finally the top pod. 
Pull gently on the ribbon until tight leaving one end longer than the other, and tie a knot above the top pod, making a loop to hang your ornament from.  Curl the ends of the ribbon with a pair of scissors.    You can insert a few more short lengths of ribbon into this knot for extra curls if you like.


Here's the link to my article on the SAHM website:
Christmas Ornaments from Used Nespresso Pods

The really sad thing is that for the last two weeks I have been keeping my eyes peeled just in case they posted my idea, and this morning my elation and excitement that they actually used it was quickly smothered by hurt and disappointment by the tone of the comments that started to appear on facebook!!  Not from the SAHM team of course, who were absolutely lovely and backed me up 100%, but from some of the other readers out there.  It makes me so sad that people are so quick to judge without having any idea of the situation at all, and that criticism is what they jump to instead of trusting that I am just doing them best from a sitution I find myself in - much the same as everybody else.  I saw an untapped resource available that would otherwise have just been thrown away, and turned it into something beautiful and recycled.  Where is the shame in that??

While I really shouldn't have to justify my actions at all, it hurts me so much that people openly criticise complete strangers from the safety of behind their computer with no thought whatsoever of the consequences or of the people they might be hurting.