Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Jar Lid Christmas Ornaments

I've heard a few times now the tradition of buying or creating one special Christmas ornament to add to the tree each year representing an important moment that occurred that year.  This year we got married (this is our first Christmas as an insular family), so I decided to make an ornament out of a silly photo of our wedding ring fingers taken on our wedding day.  (Yes we are that kind of people!)  I have a rule that every ornament on our tree has to be handmade or otherwise special, so I thought this would be the perfect start to a new tradition of making one ornament every year to celebrate something that happened that year - this year, the wedding.

Jar Lid Ornament


  • Old jar lid
  • Photograph or other picture
  • Cardboard (either corrugated or thinner cardboard that can be layered)
  • Glue
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • Glitter glue or just glitter
  • Paper
  • Thin flathead screwdriver and hammer
  • Scissors, pen etc.

Trace a circle slightly thinner than the inside of your jar lid onto the back of the photograph, and cut this out.  Make sure it is only slightly smaller than the inner surface of the lid (you want it to clip in and stay in, but not be jammed in too tightly). 
Using a thin flathead screwdriver or similar and a hammer, punch a hole in the edge of your jar lid.  I found the easiest way was to place the edge down onto a folded towel on the floor, and hammer a hole using the screwdriver head like a chisel, but perpendicular, to punch it. 
Thread a short length of ribbon through the hole and tie a knot inside the jar lid - the knot will be hidden behind photograph (for hanging the ornament), so don't worry about it being ugly.

Punched hole with ribbon

Find a round object a bit smaller in diameter than your inner jar lid, and trace a few circles onto your cardboard.  Cut these out and stack them inside the jar lid - you need enough to come up to just below the rim - these are for padding up and supporting your photograph.  Glue them in place. 

Cardboard circles as padding behind photograph

Turn the ornament over so the original top of the jar lid is upwards, and decorate as desired.  I used tons of glitter glue, and once this was dried, glued a circle of paper marking the special occasion.  (DO NOT use glitter glue on the paper itself as it soaks in and looks horrible!!  I found this out the hard way!)  Allow to dry completely before turning over. 


Turn the ornament over, decorate as desired (again I used glitter glue), and once it is completely dry, put a dab of glue on the back of your photo and click it into place, making sure you have it hanging the right way up.

Hang the finished ornament on your tree and admire your good work!

Finished ornament