Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Simple Knitted Beanie

This knitted beanie is knitted in the round, and uses two different colours of wool to achieve the effect below.    I loosely adapted this pattern from others that I have found around the net, but special mention goes to the Happily Ever After Hat upon which I based the crown shaping for this hat.  I knitted it in acrylic wool, which for anyone who has seen any other of my knitting posts you will know I hate, but unfortunately our local store is pretty woeful in the wool department, so I have a very limited range to choose from.  

Here is a photo of the hat with matching gloves...

See this blog post for the matching fingerless gloves pattern - as seen in the picture above.  The gloves are knitted flat and have a seam up the side.  Forgive me for that - at the time I wrote that pattern I hadn't been exposed to knitting in the round before!

As yet I haven't done up any instructions for how to make the pom pom, but a quick google search should bring up some results for you if you don't know how to make one.  They are really quite easy.  Basically all you do is make two identical flat rings out of cardboard by tracing two concentric circles - the big one the size you want your pompom, the smaller one maybe one or two centimetres in diameter and cutting them out.  Place the rings of cardboard back to back, and wrap wool all the way around the rings up to several layers deep (the more wool, the fluffier the pom pom!).  Tie off your wool, cut around the edge with a sharp pair of scissors, the tightly wind and knot some wool between the pieces of cardboard to secure all the wool together.  Then slide the pompom out from the cardboard and trim the loose edges to the same length.


  • Size 4.0mm (US 6) circular needles
  • Size 4.0mm dpns
  • One 100g ball of 8 ply Panda Crazy Print - 100% acrylic, this pattern uses only a small portion of the ball
  • One 100g ball of 8 ply Panda Magnum Soft - 100% acrylic, this pattern uses only a small portion of the ball
  • Tapestry needle for weaving in ends


K:  knit
P:  purl
K2tog:  knit next two stitches together


Cast on 132 sts.  Join to knit in the round.

K2 P2 ribbing for 2 1/2 inches.

Switch colours, and switch to stocking stitch for another 1 1/2 inches, until total work measurement is 4 inches.

Round 1:  K9, K2tog
Round 2:  K8, K2tog
Round 3:  K
Round 4:  K7, K2tog
Round 5:  K
Round 6:  K6, K2tog
Round 7:  K
Round 8:  K5, K2tog
Round 9:  K
Round 10:  K4, K2tog
Round 11:  K
Round 12:  K3, K2tog
Round 13:  K
Round 14:  K2, K2tog
Round 15:  K
Round 16:  K, K2tog
Round 17:  K
Round 18:  K2tog
Round 19:  K
Round 20:  K2tog
Loop wool through remaining sts and pull tight.  Weave in ends.

Top with a pompom of the first colour of wool you used.

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