Sunday, 29 July 2012

DIY Wedding Crepe Paper Flowers

One way of saving money and stress on the day for my wedding was deciding to make my bouquet out of crepe paper flowers in the weeks leading up to the wedding.  It has proved to be a mammoth task, but I think the results turned out pretty well!  Here's how they looked on the day - the taller bouquet is mine, and the shorter one is my bridesmaid's.  This photo was taken during the signing of the register :)

Here's a shot of the bridesmaid's bouquet taken way before the wedding so that I could send it to my bridesmaid to get her opinion (she lives far away!)  As you can see from the photo of both bouquets (above), the bridal bouquet flowers are a bit tighter and neater - by then I had gotten much better at making them as I made the bridesmaid one first! ;)

Bridesmaid bouquet

I used two different colours of crepe paper - one a creamy white and one a slightly more pinkish cream, and made the flowers as per instructions I found on Martha Stewart's website.

The stems are just wire wrapped in thin strips of green crepe paper, and the whole thing is held together with floral tape (added one stem at a time for security and ease of arrangement).  Then finished with two types of black ribbon.  

I think they turned out rather well, don't you? :)  Mind you, I have had two people comment on my choice of black ribbon, which I have had to defend because the choice is consistent with the green and black theme (in case you hadn't picked up on it already, I am very anti white wedding).  I think they look good anyway, which is all that matters.  

  • crepe paper in your chosen flower colours
  • green crepe paper for the stems
  • double sided tape and/or craft glue
  • wire for the stems
  • flower template from Martha Stewart
  • floral tape to hold flowers together

For the most part, I followed the method outlined by Martha Stewart in the link above, but with a few tweakings to suit my project!  I didn't use green leaves for mine, just the green calyx at the base of the flower as I felt this would look better in my arrangement.  I also made the roses much smaller but used the same template, and wrapped my petals tighter to create a 'younger rose' appearance rather than the fully open rose hers looks like.

Tips and Tricks:
When cutting petals, make sure you align the length of the petal with the grain of the crepe paper so that when you shape it, it stretches in the right direction! 
To shape petals, firstly grasp the petal with both hands, with both thumbs on top of the petal, and gently stretch outwards to create a cup shape.  Then using a pencil, wrap the top part of the petal into a curl and hold it there until it stays curled when you remove it (a few seconds). 
Using a small piece of double sided tape to start off your stem-wrapping makes it a whole lot easier, and finish it at the bottom with another small piece. 
I found that over time the flower petals started to droop a little bit like real flowers do - so to keep the roses nice and tight and perfect, a tiny bit of glue around the edges of the outermost petals and glueing them to the layer underneath helps them retain their shape. 

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